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ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK PPF - High Gloss Black Paint Protection Film


ULTIMATE PLUS ™ BLACK Signature Features

Deep Gloss Black PPF

High Gloss Black Finish

Let paint correction and polishing be a thing of the past. Achieve the deep, glossy black finish you’ve always wanted without the hassle & even less maintenance with ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK PPF.

Deep Gloss Black PPF - Self-Healing Film Topcoat

Self-Healing Film Topcoat

Just like standard ULTIMATE PLUS or STEALTH PPF, ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK is engineered with a unique, self-healing topcoat. By applying warm water or sunlight, minor scratches and swirls will disappear from the film’s surface.

Deep Gloss Black PPF- Improved Impact Protection & Durability

Impact Protection & Durability

On or off the track, ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK PPF provides impact resistance to keep paint intact while offering a durable layer between your vehicle and whatever the road decides to throw your way.

Deep Gloss Black PPF- Discoloration & Stain Resistant

Discoloration & Stain Resistant

Keep paint protected from water spots to bird droppings, bug acid and more. Forget about the hassle of maintaining a gloss black finish – ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK will look consistent and stain-free from even the harshest contaminants.

Deep Gloss Black PPF- Superior Fit & Customizable Coverage

Superior Fit & Customizable Coverage

Take restyling to the next level with protection to match. ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK can be designed, shaped, and cut to create a unique look on any vehicle & keep high impact areas safe from taking a beating.

Deep Gloss Black PPF-10 Year XPEL Warranty

10 Year XPEL Warranty

This product is designed to last. Like all XPEL protective film, ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK is backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty that’s serviceable at any XPEL Certified installer. Click here for warranty information.