Window Film FAQ

What is the warranty period for your window films?

We offer a transferable lifetime warranty on both the CS and XR series. The warranty covers against cracking, peeling, bubbling, delamination, fading and color change for the life of the film. The warranty is transferable and will continue with the car even in the event the ownership change.

What sizes are available?

We have a full range of product sizes available. 18”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 40”, 60” and 72”

Do you offer residential/commercial films?

Since XPEL is a leader in automotive products our first concentration has been helping our dealer base expand in the automotive business. There are plans in the works to ultimately offer a full lineup of products including architectural and security films.

When removing the film does the adhesive stay on glass or on film?

Our window film is designed to with a very strong adhesive for durability, upon removal of the window film the adhesive will not fully transfer to the film and will remain on the glass.